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Thread: Back to an Oversupply

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    I've had a heavy letdown and oversupply since about 2 weeks which is when DD latch became a problem (she pulls back her tongue to stop milk from gagging/choking her). I had been working with an LC to help DD by block feeding and positioning. Last Monday, my supply dropped suddenly overnight. I called 2 different LC's and they both said I should pump for 10-15 minutes after nursing until supply came back up (they seemed concerned that about the abrupt drop in supply). I'm still not sure why the supply dropped so drastically, but I pumped after nursing from Wednesday until Monday and I'm back to where I started from-WAY too much milk. I'm wishing now that I didn't do anything because for the first time last week, DD nursed with her tongue in the right place a couple times, I was just so worried. I guess I should go back to block feeding to try and get it back down?

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    Sorry you are so confused about this!

    How did you know you had such a big drop in supply to begin with?

    Hopefully things are better for you now??

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