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Thread: Leaking @ six months?

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    Default Leaking @ six months?

    My 6month old just got done cutting his 1st two teath. Problem is he was nursing so much that I've begun to leak like he's a newborn as his needs have slowed back down to normal. I stopped wearing pads like three months ago and have now had several surprising and embarrassing accidents. Most often it's brought on by feeding on one side (which is weird because I always block fed him until the teething began) and often I'll feel wetness and look down and it's everywhere! So I then put him on that side to take care of the issue...but I am afraid I'm making it worse! Should I just wear pads and not put him to that breast? And how long before things calm down?

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    Default Re: Leaking @ six months?

    This should take care of itself in a few days. If you can handle the fullness try not to pump or express any more than a little bit just for comfort. Hang in there!

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