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Thread: one breast producing more milk than the other??

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    Default one breast producing more milk than the other??

    I've be BFing for 1 week now...and using the nipple shields. When I feed my boy on my left, I hear him swallowing, but am really listening to see if he's getting enough. When he pulls off, there is NO milk in the breast sheild. However on my right side, he's swallowing. He pulls off and there is milk dripping down his chin and the nipple shield is full of milk.
    Am I losing my milk on my left side?? I tried pumping last night and got 1 ounce after he fed out of the Left and an ounce out of the right. I am so happy my breasts are no longer engorged and I don't want to over pump for fear it will return. Any suggestions??
    am i losing my milk supply?


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    Default Re: one breast producing more milk than the other??

    are you working with a lc? or a lll leader?
    keep trying to get the baby to nurse with out the sheild.
    hows his diapar counts? Thats realy how you can tell how things are going.
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    Default Re: one breast producing more milk than the other??

    Hi there!

    First make sure he's getting enough:

    Many women find that their breasts each produce at different rates. They usually have one that will produce a little more than the other, and often one side will let-down more forcefully and leak more than the other. If your baby is showing all the signs of getting enough to eat, then it's probably just the difference between your two breasts!

    Good luck!
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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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