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Thread: What's a female Soldier to do?

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    Well Thank you for serving. I'm in the Coast Guard and got lucky to get stationed on land this time. They're things in our manuals not too sure on how it works for you guys but saying that you have the right to breast feed. I know in the Coast Guard you have the option to get out of the service temperarly for up 2 years. If that is an option for you, maybe you should try it or maybe you should just do it for a year or however long you think you want to breast feed for... Good luck to you

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    Ok so I'm AD Army...
    NO there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for Army soldiers who breastfeed, no reg's, no support-nada, niente. In fact, the LC's on post are usually quick to by pass female soldiers because they know what we are up against, it's very sad.
    But that's neither here nor there; To the OP, what I did when I went to training in Colorada (Pinion Canyon) was Pump and toss. I bought a whisper wear pump, pumped I think 6 or 7 times a day, and once at night. I did this for a whole month. Since there was NO refrigerator and I was one of 2 girls in the unit, I just tossed the milk. I had DH (who's also Army) feed the baby with Playtex nursers. It took a while for the baby to learn to latch back on but she did. I think it was about a week after I came home. I wouldn't recommend the Whisper Wear for regular use as the stems and collection bags are quite costly, but for situations like this, I think it's a great idea. Have fun at NTC..it's not too bad, honestly.

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    Could you use a hand/mannual pump? The one that came w/ my PIS is pretty small and I throw it in a ziplock bag. Then I was thinking you could clean with the Medela wipes between access to hot water. You'd have to toss the milk, but I was thinking it would keep up your supply for 3 weeks and be a little easier than mannual expression.

    This is just what I was thinking about last night!
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