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Thread: How much milk is enough? I can't pump enough...

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    I am having a similar problem. My DD is 5.5months old and while in daycare she is drinking 3 bottles with 4oz of EBM. I am LUCKY if I am able to pump out 2 bottles with 4oz daily and this is with 3 sessions each 3 hours after the previous one. She is on the smaller side and we've had concerns about her weight gain, those have finally been backburnered as she is finally moving on track again. Even using More Milk Plus I've not noticed any real difference. I have one extra pumping session in the AM, since she is going for 5 hours stretches and that's how I make my last bottle.

    It's definitely frustrating... anyone have any tips?

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    Default Re: How much milk is enough? I can't pump enough...

    I had the same problem this entire year and battled it off and on. This is how I dealt with my undersupply. Also, my dd is small too. She will be a year in 3 days and weighs only about 18 pounds.

    I began to pump more...that meant, get up earlier. I got up at 4:30/4:45 and pumped for 10-15 mins. DD would get up around 6:00, I would feed. Then I pumped at work at 9:00, and again at 12:00 and again at 3:30. Then I would somtimes pump at night if I didn't have enough for the next day or if she only nursed on one side when she went to bed.

    Another tip..I made her bottles like this..morning bottle with DH was 3-3 1/2 ounces, bottles for daycare were 5 ounce first bottle, 4 ounce second bottle and 3 1/2 ounces last bottle. My Leader suggested it because daycare was saying DD was still hungry after her first bottle when I was making them each an even 3 1/2 ounces. This staggering helped tremendously!! So much that towards the end, she wasn't even drinking the last bottle at daycare.

    I hope this helps. I was just at a LLL meeting this week and we talked about this, some women just don't pump as much. It is just what we have to learn to deal with and don't compare with others....it makes you crazy!


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