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Thread: forced to stop

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    your breasts produce milk on a supply and demand basis, so if baby is only eating once a day than there shouldn't be a ton a excess milk, kwim? sorry to hear you are sick happy belated birthday, mine was yesterday too!
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    Happy Belated Birthday to you, too!

    I really don't know how baby gets so much milk at night- I pump and dump a couple ounces a day total and am cutting back slowly. My LLL friend here used to say I should start a Family Milk Bank, with how much I produced. (I've got a few bottles left in freezer, that I have to use yet). I could have made my first son, milk soap and cheese and yogurt if I would have found the recipes since I had so much extra milk! Oh, memories
    I'm going to wait a few days before bedtime nursing again, I guess.

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    Unhappy Re: forced to stop

    This is the first time I have logged in. I don't know if I need to submit something new, or not.

    I came looking for support. My 10 month old son just got over a stomach virus, and could only keep down clear fluids. Been about a week and a half of not nursing, and we are both traumatized.

    DH and I decided that we wouldn't want to go through this trauma again, so would wean now and not go back. I can't stand it! and I feel so selfish! I love nursing my baby.

    DH is so happy that now the baby will actually let him rock him to sleep, and cuddle him. He wouldn't do that before. Grandma is delighted, too. He will actually take a bottle and cuddle with whoever is feeding him, and go to sleep.

    I don't know what to do! After reading several articles here I think that maybe I could also go back to nursing, but I also have severe depression, and really need to try to change meds which may not work for nursing baby. I already take Effexor and Citalopram, but need a change, because these are not enough.

    I hope all is getting better for you, I feel like we're in the same boat.

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