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    how long will it take for me to not be in pain or engorged? I have stopped pumping for my 10 month old cuase I just found out I am preg again. I KNOW I can continue pumping, but in my situation it is better to stop. So I am in PAIN, huge rock hard breasts that hurt. I pump abuot 3 oz form each breast to ease teh discomfort a bit. Anyone gone thru this and know how much longer it wil take before I feel SOME relief?

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    With your breast, you should try not to make any sudden moves. To stop pumping outright after months of nursing and pumping might be too quick for your breasts. They shouldn't be rock hard--you risk getting a plugged duct or an infection. However, you don't have to pump to maintain your supply. You can decrease it gradually. How gradually? Let your breasts lead the way. Pump for comfort. You can eliminate pumping sessions one at a time, with about 3 or 4 days in between eliminations. Again, let the comfort level be the guide. Rock hard, hot and painful means "too fast".

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