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Thread: Is bypassing bottles do-able?

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    One post script - neither of our babies would take a bottle - they just couldn't work it out so we had to use cups. With the first we tried spouted cups but he couldn't do the right sucking action. We had much greater success with the second - using doidy cups (a cup with a slanted side), and before that a rather strange feeder made by a company called medela which I think is called a soft cup feeder and looks like a bottle but with a lipped spout on the end rather than a teat

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    My two stopped taking anything from a bottle at 3 mo. We introduced the nubby sippy cups (soft silicone spout) at 6 mo for them to start drinking EBM out of. Granted it was messy at first, and they only had them when sitting in their high chairs .
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    Smile Re: Is bypassing bottles do-able?

    My DD never used a sippy cup. I introduced a normal cup around 8 months.
    Good luck!

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    my lo is 6 months old and will not take a sippy cup but she will drink out of a regular cup (she needs some help to do this)

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    I used some bottles during the first 7 weeks, then quit. I never gave her a bottle again. She started using a regular cup with major supervision, or a sippy cup without, when she was about 10 months old.
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    I started giving my ds a sippy cup around 6 months and he did fine. He had a harder time learning to drink from a straw, he didn't do that until 10 or 11 months. Once he started that then I stopped using sippy cups. I use these cheap "disposable" cups from the grocery store. I think they are called take and toss. They are close to spill proof, and dishwasher safe, mostly.

    My nephew started drinking from a straw around 8 months.
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