Congrats on the healthy baby! My ds was 9 lbs 14 oz and at 6 months he was 21 pounds. I passed all of my glucose tests but there was always sugar in my urine. I went 10 days past my due date and the next time I will make sure that a closer eye is kept on the size of the baby - I would prefer to avoid the c-section route if possible so I am hoping for a slightly smaller 2nd baby.

Ask LLL for help on positioning. I had a natural delivery but needed help in the inital latching; not because of his size but my inexperience. Keep at it; the first 3 months are the hardest because you are both getting to know each other and there are a lot of tears of frustration from both mom and baby but it is so worth it! We have just started introducing solids because he is ready but don't push anything you aren't comfortable with. If you want to exclusively bf to 6 months then do that; my mother wasn't supportive initially but she has caught on that I am not giving in and this is best for our family so her response is now that I'm the momma & it is my way. It's really a great feeling.