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Thread: Nursing strike in air plane?

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    Default Nursing strike in air plane?

    international flight for 36 hours this thursday and i am wondering if my ds (in his 7 th month now) will not nurse due to noices as he is very distractible evne at hoem currently.if he is on nursng strike, i am worried abt my breasts and milk supply.as the avent isis hand pump i bought isnt working or i havent been able to learn with it.also i tried to learn manual expresson and it kidna hurts
    any ideas so i can avoide engorged breast and maintain my supply
    is it ok if worst come worst he doesnt feed ta all those 1.5 days and my milk supply will still be there?
    Thansk a lot

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    Default Re: Nursing strike in air plane?

    If you don't move milk at all for 36 hours, your milk supply will drop and you will also certainly become engorged and maybe develop clogged ducts or mastitis.

    I suspect your baby will nurse just fine. There's a lot of excitement at first, but he will eventually get tired and need something familiar and soothing -- nursing will be perfect then.

    To be on the safe side, could you find a local LLL Leader or another mom who has used the same kind of pump, and get some help learning to use it (or figuring out what needs to be fixed on it)? Keep practicing the manual expression stuff (there should be a link for the Marmet technique somewhere on the LLL site; let me know if you can't find it).


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