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Thread: Last Minute prep/jitters

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    Rebecca--Thank you so very much!! I appreciate you "holding me in the light" I believe that prayer in any form is helpful. I doubt DH will post, but I will definitely get my mom too if he won't. Can you send me your e-mail address/phone number and I'll have one of them eithe e-mail or call you with the info. Thanks again for all of your support! This board has been wonderful for me to feel like I"m going to make it this time!!


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    Don't forget your favorite snacks! I sent my hubby looking for yogurt covered pretzels, w/ no luck. I always shopped and he went everywhere trying to find them. I was a bit saddened cuz that was all I wanted / craved.

    You sound ready! Just relax - I took some lavender oil and put it on the backs of my hands to use and breath while I had my hand at my face to relax during labor (all natural! even the stitches!). My little secret I haven't told anyone - not even the nurses knew. Only my hubby and I knew.

    Good luck!

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