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Thread: New Baby weaned sibling wants to nurse again?

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    Default New Baby weaned sibling wants to nurse again?

    Has anyone had this happen?

    Where you have weaned one child and then when the next comes along the older one wants to nurse again?

    Did you let them?

    Just curious. We are hoping to get pregnant again now (DD is 11 months) and I am wondering if she will want to nurse when she sees the new baby doing it.

    She still nurses 1-2 times a day.

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    Default Re: New Baby weaned sibling wants to nurse again?

    I haven't had this happen personally (my DD is still nursing and will probably continue to do so when the new baby comes in a few weeks , but I know that several other LLL mamas have said this happened to them.


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    Default Re: New Baby weaned sibling wants to nurse again?

    I had a two and a half year old who had never nursed (well that she can remember, we tried for a few days) who wanted to try when her baby sister was born. I let her. She got as close as putting her mouth up to my breast, changed her mind and never asked again. She just wanted to make sure the baby wasn't getting something she couldn't.

    It was kind of weird for me, but I'm glad I did it. It was better than making her feel like she was second best.

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    Default Re: New Baby weaned sibling wants to nurse again?

    My 3.5-year-old was 10 months when weaned, 2.5 when her two sisters were born.

    In those first few crazy months, she asked to nurse a couple of times. I was quite sore, though, so I let her put her lips on my breast (not my nipple), and she'd pretend to suck. But later, when I was healed and she asked, I let her try. I tried unsuccessfully to try to get her to latch right so she could get milk, but she didn't get it. So, she just held my nipple in her mouth, didn't even suck, and pretended to be a baby. She's done it maybe 4 times in the last 14 months.

    Her asking to nurse reminded me that so much of nursing is the closeness babies (yes, 2.5-yr-olds are babies) need with their moms.

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