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Thread: Very Unusual Food Allergy..to sweet potato!?!?!

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    Default Re: Very Unusual Food Allergy..to sweet potato!?!?!

    Sweet potato allergies are real and they happened to our baby too!

    I've started introducing some solids and peas and sweet potatoes were among the first veggies I fed our baby. A couple days after trying peas she was fine so we tried the sweet potatoes and she started spitting up. And spitting up.... and spitting up. Very unusual for her, especially since I made sure to burp her afterward. I thought it might be something in my milk since she's still nursing as well and has various allergies when I eat dairy, fish, etc. The next day I made sure to avoid anything that might aggravate her allergies and when I gave her sweet potatoes she started spitting up again (and again and again) and her eczema, which gets bad when I eat something she's allergic too, got worse.

    So I decided not to give her sweet potatoes again. But just in case we were wondering whether she was REALLY allergic, I went to work one day and my sweet husband accidentally fed her some of those potatoes instead of the squash ("They're both orange!" and the Gerber plastic tubs of baby food aren't individually labeled unless you look very closely) and we spent the next few days dealing with her worsened eczema and spitting up.

    I definitely think sweet potato allergies exist in babies. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I hope they grow out of it.

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    Default Re: Very Unusual Food Allergy..to sweet potato!?!?!

    That sounds awful. I'm so sorry to hear your baby had a reaction. For future reference, since you mentioned your child has other allergies as well, you may want to avoid the Gerber jarred foods. There are a lot of cross contamination issues since they manufacture their foods on the same lines.
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    Yes! My child has what I think is a sweet potato allergy! Not to sound excited, but I haven't been able to find anyone else with the same issue. On three separate occasions, we fed him sweet potatoes, then a couple of hours later he was violently ill as you are describing of your little one. This was when he was around 8-9 months old. The first time it was a jar of baby food, and we thought he just had a 24 hr virus or something. The second time was another jar of baby food - about a week later - and then we thought we could have a bad batch of baby food. The final time my mother gave him a bite of an actual sweet potato and he had the same reaction so we knew then for sure that's what it was.

    Fast forward, he's five years old and we have a new problem. He's in school now, and I've alerted the school of the sweet potato allergy. However, they won't refrain from giving him the sweet potatoes until we have a doctor sign a form agreeing that it is an official allergy. (livid about this) Since this is such a rare allergy, my doctor isn't "confirming" that is actually what it is. All I know to do now is to try different doctors until someone will sign the form, which is not only time consuming but expensive. Very frustrated.

    Has your little one had any other incidents, or do you just refrain from feeding her the sweet potatoes like we do?

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    Default Re: Very Unusual Food Allergy..to sweet

    are you going to different pediatricians, or an allergist?
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    Found this very interesting as my daughter is nearly 10 now and I had a similar experience with her as a baby and couldn't find anything about anyone else with an allergy to sweet potato - just information about it being recommended as a weaning food and that's it! We were pretty sure it was sweet potato after several vomiting episodes so just avoided it until she accidentally ate some baked sweet potato crisps (vegetable crisps which included baked sweet potato) - I think this was when she was a bit older - about two or three and vomited again. So she just avoids it now and hasn't had any since. This is the first time I have looked into this since my daughter was little. She also has an intolerance to salmon - same symptoms - which I find strange! Like you there isn't any history of food allergies that I know of in our families.

    At least now I know I'm not the only mother of a child with an intolerance to sweet potato although I sort of wonder whether she will have outgrown it by now. Unfortunately I'm not keen on taking that risk.

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    I posted above about discovering my son's sweet potato allergy when he was 8 months old. He's seven now and I also wondered if he had grown out of his allergy. However, our question was answered when we fed him Kashi brownie and he had the vomiting reaction. Thinking it was a stomach virus, he had another one a week later. My husband was the first of us to clue in, and he read the ingredients in the brownie - #2 listed was sweet potatoes. Lesson learned!

    Oddly enough, as rare as this allergy is, we have just found out a new friend of his has this allergy as well. Possibly it's a newly growing allergy? I'm seeing a little more info about it as each year passes.

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