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Thread: New here--and expecting!

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    Talking New here--and expecting!

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum (but not to message boards in general). I recently found out that I am again pregnant (hurrah!). I have an 8.5 year old and a 14 month old. Long story short, breastfeeding was no picnic with either of them. My older son has severe developmental delays and a neurological condition that I found out when he was older may have impeded our ability to breastfeed. (Makes sense now!) My younger son had severe jaundice and was hospitalized twice in the first 3 weeks of his life. The doctors diagnosed him with breastmilk jaundice and I had to give formula. VERY DIFFICULT!

    The #1 thing I am looking forward to (again) with this pregnancy is breastfeeding. I LOVE IT! I am so happy that I will be able to give it another shot with this baby.

    So here is why I am posting to this board. I am not due till late February, but am assuming I will deliver a few weeks early (due to prior experiences). I am a teacher and will get 6-8 weeks max off with the baby. So I am going to have to return to school probably in early/mid April. That gives me 6 weeks of working before summer break. I want to be able to provide my milk to my baby at for 6 full months (this will be WAY more than I could do for my first two sons!).

    I teach elementary school, so here is what my plan is:
    1) nurse baby when he/she wakes in the morning
    2) nurse baby at babysitter's before I leave (around 7:30 AM)
    3) come home at lunch (home by noon) to nurse
    4) be home from work by 4:00 to nurse
    5) nurse on demand till bedtime and during night

    The way I see it, at 6-8 weeks of age my baby will probably need two bottles per day (between 7:30 and noon, and again between noon and 4). Does this sound right?

    If the lunchtime nursing doesn't work out, or if I can't get home (I do have one day a week of recess duty that I may not be able to get out of), I will be renting a Lactina pump (did this with my second son when I EPed for awhile).

    The reason I'm posting about this so early is I want to prepare myself as much as possible. I was never a high-supplier with my two boys, and I SO want to make this work this time!

    Marcie in Ohio

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    Default Re: New here--and expecting!

    I am also a teacher and am planning on pumping when I get to school (I have a long drive), lunch, and when my kids have a special (music, gym, etc.). Good luck and congratulations.

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    Default Re: New here--and expecting!

    I'm a teacher as well, only I'm a high-school BED teacher so I didn't get any breaks! But here's what I did...
    Nurse in the morning, nurse on demand from the time I got home til bedtime, coslept & nursed through the night.
    I insisted on pumping once a day and usually produced enough for 2 bottles. Most days DD didn't take more than that - but I didn't have to go back til she was almost 4 months old (love those spring break babies!) If she needed any more than what I'd left, she got a bottle of formula - usually no more than 1/day if that. It took me a long time to be okay with that, but I just couldn't pump anymore at work, and since she nursed do much in the evenings there wouldn't be enough left to make pumping worth it. Anyway - it doesn't have to be all or nothing - which is something I didn't know at first.

    Congrats & good luck!

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    Default Re: New here--and expecting!

    Hi Joeysmommy05!

    Your nursing plan is almost exactly what I did with my first lo when I worked. I went back to work at 7 weeks, and here's what worked for us until I bacame a stay at home mom when lo was 4 mos. old.

    In the morning I woke up early and nursed lo before baby woke up... lo stayed asleep while nursing usually. about 2 hours later, right before leaving for daycare we nursed again. (usually started between 7:15 - 7:30am) Lo got a bottle of EBM at about 9:30 or 10:00 am at day care. I went and nursed Lo at 12:00 and then went back to work. Lo had another bottle of EBM at 2:30 or 3:00 pm and I picked him up at 5:15pm and nursed. I needed to pump twice a day...almost exactly when lo was drinking EBM at daycare. Since you are a teacher, I am assuming that you don't actually get breaks to go pump, am I right? You might need to find time to pump at least a couple of times during the day to make up a supply for the bottles baby will need while you're away. But, keep an eye on your baby, my daycare provider didn't realize that my lo needed more milk at about 3.5 mos ( lo wouldn't completely finish a 4 oz. bottle at a feeding. Now, I think lo would only drink what was absolutely necessary from the bottle...lo preferred the real thing.) She thought lo was just a whiner and she complained about him crying all day which led to me being a stay at home mom. The first week home, lo nursed continually for about a week and never ever cried all day again like that. Please don't be worried that that will happen with you, I only mention it because I would have made the Daycare lady give him an extra bottle somewhere in the day if I had known that was lo's problem, (Not that I would go back from being a stay at home mom, I love it. Not everybody can, we're pretty blessed I think.)

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    The schedule you've prepared sounds good. Your baby probably will need a bottle in the morning and again in the afternoon, although you may be surprised, and baby can forego one or both bottles, especially once she figures out that you're full when you are back together.

    Make sure you're using a good pump!!! I can't stress this enough!
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    Default Re: New here--and expecting!

    Hey I'm due in late February too! My first (15 mo DD) was two weeks early so I hope this next one will be too.

    So are you worrid about the Jandice again? My DD was hospitalized for jaundice and it turns out it was because she wasn't getting enough to eat. This is what I'm really worried about for the next baby.
    When Liliane was in the hospital, they let me nurse her for 30 minutes ever three hours and then I supplemented pumped milk and as little formula in a bottle while she was under the lamp. When we got home, I rented a scale so I could see how much she was getting and pumped after ever feeding to supplement her nursing. I used nipple shields so she could latch on better. It was really a nightmare but it got better and then she was nursing like a pro.
    What bothers me is that it seemed like she was eating fine in the beginning - she had plenty of wet diapers and the midwife watched her eat. I thought she was nursing pretty long but I guess she was mostly sleeping.
    Sometimes I think, it must be easier the second time because you know what to do but I hear stories of mom's have BF problems with their subsequent children too. I guess it depends on the baby.

    I hope you have lots of luck. Yea February babies!

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