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Thread: Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

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    Default Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

    My ds is 23 months and is less interested in his oatmeal for breakfast these days. He can't do dairy or soy and he hasn't eaten eggs yet either. Any breakfast ideas for working mommies on the go? We get up at 6 and have to be out of the house by 7:15 every day so something quick (or easy to prepare) is ideal. Lately we've been going for juice and hash browns from the drive thru but my mommy conscience is kicking in and saying "get that boy something healthier!" Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

    Can he eat a "full" breakfast whereever he goes after you leave the house? If so you could always whip up a batch of WW (dairy free pancakes or something like that and have them handy for the trip and then the person where he goes to could make a bigger BF... with fruits etc..???

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    Default Re: Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

    Don't know your allergy situation, but we've done multi grain waffles on the go. Also, I've been known to allow PB&J on whole wheat - shhhh - don't tell. That's not a good on the go one, though - messy! Also, we do breakfast/cereal bars, too - she loves strawberry ones best.

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    Default Re: Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

    I've also done some multigrain, frozen, egg-free waffles. The ones I like are from Nature's Path in the blue box, the Flax Plus ones. Edited to add that they have soybean oil, sorry.

    Sometimes we'll have an Earth's Best granola bar. I can't remember if those have soy, sorry.

    Good luck! Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

    my son still loves his oatmeal, but sometimes we like to change it up a bit. we do peanut or almond butter on toast and some fruit. he loves that as well. have you tried adding different things to the oatmeal?

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    Default Re: Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

    We do scones, muffins, pancakes, waffles,etc all homemade with ww flour on Sunday so that they're made and ready for the week ahead. You can make any of these egg/dairy free easily with the tips on the allergy board. (by substituting water for milk and applesauce or bakingsoda/vinegar for the egg) Then freeze or refridgerate depending on how fast you'll go through them and they're ready! hth!

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    Default Re: Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

    The night before I cut up potatoes in cubes (leave in fridge with water so they don't turn dark), cut up some tomatoes, and chop some onions

    In the morning, drain the potatoes, brown a little with some olive oil, add the tomatoes and onions. Lower heat and cover.

    By the time I'm done getting the girls out of bed they potatoes are done.

    I sometimes scramble an egg to go with them, or other times they it by itself.

    The other thing they really like is yogurt with fresh fruit.

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