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Thread: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

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    Default Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    Hello all,
    my LO is 5 monts and a week and she is still exclusively a breast milk baby.
    I havent yet introduced anything else. My goal was to avoid rice cereal and
    just start her on organic veggies at 6 months. Rice cereal didnt seem to have lots of what the baby needed. It was just the least alergenic. Didnt seem like enough of a reason. Also it seems so processed. I was going to start her with
    avocado and I am thinking of doing the BLS (Baby led solids) system. It sounded very interesting to me. She does seem to be trying to grab our food when we eat. I am torn. Should I have started her on solids already? I don't know anyone who has waited this long.

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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    some resources for you:

    why delay solids

    when will baby be ready for solids

    American Academy of Pediatrics

    Pediatricians and parents should be aware that exclusive breastfeeding is sufficient to support optimal growth and development for approximately the first 6 months of life and provides continuing protection against diarrhea and respiratory tract infection. Breastfeeding should be continued for at least the first year of life and beyond for as long as mutually desired by mother and child. Complementary foods rich in iron should be introduced gradually beginning around 6 months of age
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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    You should go by what feels comfortable for you. You know your baby best.

    I also started my baby with avocado. She loved it, although I quickly found out it was a "binding" food because she got a little constipated at first. So, you may want to watch how often you feed it to her. Some constipation can be common when first introducing solids. It was nothing some prunes or a bit of pear juice couldn't fix.

    What about Barley or Oatmeal? I found those whole grain cereals to be more nutritious than the Rice cereal. My daughter really enjoyed prunes also at the beginning.

    Good luck! It's fun to watch them take those first bites!

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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    We are now just barely past month 7 and are just getting started on solids.
    Organic fruit purees. So, there are others out there that have waited-- don't be in a rush. Trust your instincts.

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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    we waited until he was about 6.5 mo we went with rice, but not for long, then green beans and that is his favorite, better than fruit!! and just a thought, my kid reaches for the remote and puts it is him mouth, but he isnt going to eat it, when she reaches for yur food she may just be curious kwim?

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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    I waited until the girls were like 7 months before solids.

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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    I would say do what works for the both of you. I'm feeling torn as well. My son is a little older than your little one. He'll be 6mo on the 15th and at the begining of this month I gave him about a quarter oz of oatmeal cereal with banana and bm. He liked it. I also gave him grapes on the food mesher and he also ate it right up. It was so funny because he must have sucked on a sour one. He shook so much he nearly flopped onto the bed!

    Anyway, my point is that my son's acting ready, much before I'm ready. I wanted to wait until seven months but I suppose that it's my fault that he's so ready because I always let him taste what I'm eating (if it doesn't have any milk or so..). He didn't care much before but now he sucks on the food and if I'm not careful he'll chomp on it with his gums. I have never seen a baby get so excited about food! I'm trying to see if I can get away with begining solids until he's truly 6mo, besides the experiment we had earlier this month, but he gets so upset if he doesn't get to taste...so I don't know if I will be able to

    If your lo wont notice then stall but if she's acting anything like my son tasting foods usually is enough to calm them.
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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    my last two babies we started with meats when they were 9-12 months old.
    and had teeth to chew.
    they had a few bites of this and that before that but nothing everyday.

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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    My DD is 5 months also, and we just started rice cereal here. She seems to LOVE it!

    Last month the Pediatrician had rec that we start cereal... and did. He then told me we could introduce some stage 1 baby foods. So we did. Well, she loved the fruit... hated the veggies. Then it got to where she didn't want to nurse, and only wanted food. So I had to back off of all due to the nursing strike. We just now introduced cereal again. When we do re-introduce food again, I for sure will start with veggies! That way she wont get used to the sweets first!
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    Default Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    I feel your pain! I was getting a lot of slack from my SILs (who came to visit when DD just turned 4 months old) and from my mom (who thought cereal would help DD sleep throught the night - research shows it doesn't help!).

    I would get the "but she can have solids now" argument. My argument back was always, yes, but she doesn't NEED them!

    We did start slowly at 5.5 months with some rice cereal mixed with bm. She isn't crazy about it and we are not crazy about giving it to her. She likes fruits and veggies (sweet potatoes especially) much more! I would say 95% of her intake is still bm, with some fruits in the morning when we have time before work and some veggies at night. We let her take the lead and never push her to eat anything. She hated carrots so much that she actually grabbed the spoon and moved her head back away from it that was funny and so we will set carrots aside for a while and then try again in a few months.
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