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Thread: What do I do about daycare and being separated from baby?

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    Default What do I do about daycare and being separated from baby?

    Ok, so I posted earlier this week that I was going to wean DS from the two day feedings before he starts daycare next month. I have cut out one and so far he's ok with that. But I did note that he wasn't too keen on it and he did have a couple of meltdowns (so I did nurse him).

    Therefore, I don't want to wean the other day feeding. This is our schedule now:

    6:00 AM - Feed
    1:00/1:30 - Feed
    7:00 PM - feed
    (Most nights there is one feed)

    I cut the 10:00/10::30 feed that I used to do and moved the 3:00/3:30 feed up to the 1:00/1:30. He seems good with this.

    So my question is when he starts daycare, what happens with that 1:00/1:30 feed? Will he manage without it if I don't wean ahead of time? Will the "out of sight, out of mind" thing come into play or will he have a meltdown at daycare? I am not sure what to expect and I don't want to stress him out by "cutting" him off just by being separated? KWIM?

    Anyone have any input on that?


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    Default Re: What do I do about daycare and being separated from baby?

    Baby knows when you're not around. I would just do what you're doing and then expect that, when he's in daycare, the first thing he's gonna want to do when he gets home is nurse. If he's thirsty and needs a cuddle, tell them to expect that at 1:00 they may need to give him a sippy cup of water and rock him or whatever. But I wouldn't wean him from those nursing times. He's gonna want them on the days you are home. You may find he wants to nurse more on the days you are home.

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    Default Re: What do I do about daycare and being separated from baby?

    My three year old just recently started daycare. It really is an 'out of sight out of mind' situation. Try not to stress about it (ok, I did!). Mine even naps! Without my boobs! Good grief!!!
    Remember to, the staff at the daycare are professionals and are used to using other methods to soothe, feed, etc for the kids!
    It will be fine! (but yes, expect some night marathons...)

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    Default Re: What do I do about daycare and being separated from baby?

    How old is your DS?

    My 18 mo old is at preschool. During the day he gets soy milk (he's allergic to cow milk) or water. We nurse in the morning and afternoon / evening.

    On the days that I pick up DS from preschool, he wants to nurse immediately (I sit with him in his classroom). On the days that DH does pickup, DS is fine with waiting to nurse until I get home from work.

    On the weekends DS nurses on demand.

    DS seems to be fine with not nursing or waiting when I'm not around. But if he knows I'm nearby he wants his "BILK !!!" immediately. I'm trying to get him to at least say "hi" when he first sees me instead of just saying "BILK !!!" and trying to put his whole arm down the front of my shirt.
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    Default Re: What do I do about daycare and being separated from baby?

    Got a kick out of your post lsksam....

    My DS is only 10 months old and next month he'll start daycare with only 3 half days a week and gradually increase from there until he is full time just before I go back to work. I opted to do it this way so I could be available if there were any "transition" problems. I would like him to be well settled so when I go back to work I am not stressing on my first day that he is freaking out.

    Anyway, I've been reading a lot on nursing and weaning and I think I will continue to nurse him as long as he wants and wait for him to self wean. I always assumed I would wean a 1 year - I don't know why. I guess that's just "what everyone does" but now I've changed my mind. I feel good about it though!

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