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Thread: What do I do about the Biting/Pain????

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    Default What do I do about the Biting/Pain????

    Friday night Caitlyn (9 months old) bit me hard enough to draw blood. I have had a lot of trouble letting her nurse on my left side since she bit me because of the pain. Here it is two days later and it hurts just as much as the night it happened. I know I need to let her nurse thru the pain, but it is becoming increasingly difficult.
    Pumping is just as painful as nursing right now.

    I picked up some nipple cream yesterday and have been using it, but it doesnt seem to be making much of a difference. I am not sure what else to do.

    The biting has really become a problem lately. She bit me again last night, but this time on the right side. Although this bite wasnt nearly as bad as the one Friday night, it still hurt!! I am starting to dread nursing her because of the biting. Is this the end of our breastfeeding relationship? It breaks my heart to think it might be,but I dont know how much longer I can handle the pain or continued biting. I am NOT ready to quit and I know she isn't either, but how can I get her to stop??

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to help her stop biting and how to help with my nipple pain afterwards when she does I would really appreciate them!!
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    Default Re: What do I do about the Biting/Pain????

    No advice here, just sympathy!

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    Default Re: What do I do about the Biting/Pain????

    I have sqelched in pain, loud enough where it startled ds to the point where he cried. That was not my intention at all but it worked, he's rarely intentionally bit me since. Good luck! If you find any advice on pain management or relief, I would be interested to know!

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    Default Re: What do I do about the Biting/Pain????

    Unfortunaty I have plenty of BTDT advice for you. My 9 month old went through a biting phase about 2 weeks ago and it lasted only for about 4 days but it was rough and sent me to bed in tears for many nights. I call it a phase because it will end. I attempted all the tricks such as telling him no and removing him from the breast. I tried tapping him on the bottom of the foot. Non of these worked for me, so in desperation i found out that if you keep your finger ready on their cheek, when you feel them get ready to bite down if you place your finger between their gums this will prevent a full fledged bite down!! After doing this a few times Dawson lost interest and quit as quickly as he started. I think that sometimes they just like to see the shocked expression on our faces or to hear the loud wails and if they dont get this they loose interest. Trust me it will end and you will be so happy that you toughed it out. As for the pain, I continuesly rubbed ebm on my nips and used the lanisoh nipple cream. It didnt completly heal them but it did give me ease. Good Luck!!!!

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