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Thread: How to know whether the baby is full or not

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    my son would stay latched for and hour at atime and would normally fall alseep (still sucking) but if he stayed awake he would get a milk drunk and just kinda smily lazily (wicked cute btw) the pain you are experiensing , is it from a bad latch? that might keep LO from staying on long enough to get the hindmilk (which fills em up) you mom means well, but the reason you "dont have enough milk" is because of the formula. Also, withthe throwing up, is he maybe allergic/sensitive to the cow milk in it?

    my suggestions is to hop in bed or on the couch and just nurse, just nurse, for like a day and double check the latch, i had to "help" Ds on occassion by holding his mouth open by the chin until he was all the way around the nipple.

    hth you can do it!!!

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    I think that the best way to know when your baby is full is when he falls off the breast all by himself and seems very relaxed. "Milk drunk" is a good way to put it!

    Looking at the baby's tummy is not necessarily a good way to know how full he is: remember, tiny babies have tiny tummies, only about the size of their fists! A full baby may not look full, because it really only takes a couple of ounces to get him to capacity. A baby sucking on a formula bottle, on the other hand, may look "full" because he is actually overfull. That powerful suck-swallow reflex that Andrea mentioned can make a baby who is already almost full take in a whole lot more than he needs, so that he winds up with a visibly distended stomach and then throws up all that extra. It sounds like this may be what's happening with your baby, if that additional formula is causing him to throw up and sleep badly.

    I am sure your mom has her grandson's best interests at heart, but it sounds like she may not know much about breastfeeding or breastfed babies. Maybe it's time to go see a professional? I saw not one but two IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) when I was having difficulties in the early days. The hands-on help was amazing- I learned so much about positioning and how to fix my daughter's horribly painful latch, and how to figure out how much my baby was eating (I used a scale and weighed the baby before and after feedings to get a sense of how much she was taking in). I would not be breastfeeding today if I hadn't gotten that help in the beginning. Seeing an IBCLC may seem expensive, but think about it this way: it's a lot cheaper than a year's worth of formula! Your midwife or OB or local La Leche League can probably recommend someone good.

    Can you tell us some more about your son's latch? Is it painful at the beginning, when he first latches on, is it painful all the way through the feeding, or only at the very end? Are your nipples cracked? Blistered? Bleeding? In the absence of formula, how often would your son want to nurse, and for how long?

    If you do in fact have low milk supply, please know that it is a problem that can be solved! I did it- and 23 months later I am still nursing my daughter.

    Big s and have faith in yourself!

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    Also keep in mind too, that he maybe be nursing a long time because he likes to be at your breast! It's a nice place to be for baby, if he's got an urge to suck the best place to be is at the breast. This will help your milk supply too.

    You might take a look at how he is latched, his lips should be flared out and his tongue should be between your breast and his lower gums. He should have a wide mouth and a good amount of breast. Getting a good latch and keeping one the whole time he's at the breast should help with the pain, if not, see a Leader or Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to rule out any problems.

    A distended (big) belly is usually a sign of gas, be bloated, or too full. This may be the reason he's throwing up and having a hard time with it. Babies can usually tell us when they are full by turning away the breast, but when baby really needs to suck it can get confusing! Since the breast doesn't just "refill" like a bottle, but it constantly making milk, you don't have to worry about him sucking down too much and then overfilling him. Keep in mind that a one month old babies stomach capacity is about 2.5-5 oz or 80-150mls.

    These links may help as well
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    A buldging tummy is usualy a sign of gas and not fullness. At this point, he is going to be on the breast most of the time! All is well!

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