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Thread: first bottle question

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    We're at a point where we're ready to give our 5 week old son his first bottle of expressed breastmilk. How many ounces should we give him?

    When I was dealing with engorgement, I pumped and froze in 4-5 ounce quantities. I was thinking of just putting 4 ounces in a bottle and seeing how much he would take.

    Any guidelines or general estimates?

    Thanks, Melissa

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    Yes. You are actually in the safe zone now! Congratulations on making it the 1st 5weeks! The rule of Thumb is between 4&6weeks. I began pumping and giving my son my son one bottle a day at this point (5weeks) because he started sleeping in 5hours stretches during the day and at night and I was getting engorged. What I found... and kept going for almost a very long time in the beginning was it that it was a great way for my DH to bond with the baby AND for me to get a much needed BREAK at the end of the day. I don't know what your work plans are or when you may need your freezer stash, but I just pumped in the morning everyday and he used it to feed the baby after we had dinner. And I got a two hour break. Every day. From then on. The bottle also helps when you are trying to get ready to leave the house. If I was in the middle
    getting ready, to have someone else feed him instead of having to stop and feed for 20 mins was HUGE. AND 5weeks marked the beginning of small outings on the weekend without the baby. I could leave my DH with 1 or 2 4oz bottle and be gone for 1-4hours.
    The rule of thumb on amount is leave 1-1.5oz for every hour you plan to be away. This is a very exciting time! Congratulations!!!

    Way too lazy for formula

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