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Thread: HELP! Returing to work

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    I could really use some advice. I will be returning to work very soon and am having trouble getting my little guy on a schedule. I feed him on demand which is usually every 3 hours (but he still isn't that regular--occasionally it's 1 1/2 to 2 hours) except one longer stretch of 4 1/2 hours at night. I would like to be able to feed him in the morning before I leave for work, but I haven't figured out how to get him in a routine where he wakes up at the same time every day. Any suggestions? Also, how do I manage to nurse and pump? Does anyone nurse on one side and pump on the other? How often do I need to pump when I'm away from my baby? If anyone has advice or knows of a good book for breastfeeding and working I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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    not sure but I will be watching and possibly offer an opinion if one comes to me!

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    I'm not sure how old your baby is... but maybe it doesn't really make a difference. First of all... pumping. Have you got a double pump and is it electronic? Those are the best and I'd recommend getting one and practicing pumping, because it does take practice. Pumping on one side and nursing on the other works well, but it is hard to juggle the pump and the baby, so if you have a significant other maybe they can help the first few times. If not using that method, I'd try pumping an hour after feeding your baby a couple of times in the morning. Your body makes as much milk as the baby (or pump) demands, so it works better if you do it everyday to get your body used to it. But when you are working, you should pump as often as your baby would eat. So from what you said about every 2-3 hours. After a week or so you'll probably have a better idea how much/often lo is eating when he is away from you. There is a whole forum on pumping so those mommy's probably have better advice!

    I don't know about the schedule thing... my guess is that you'll get into some sort of routine once you start working. I think if it were me, I'd try to feed right before I left in the morning even if the baby ate an 1 1/2 hours previous to departure time. My son was sleeping through the night before I went back to work (I know I was lucky) so I just fed him when he woke and then when we got back home I fed on demand. We fell into a routine pretty quickly and I bet you will too.

    Good luck!

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    So here is what i do everyday that i work, just to give you an example, anyways. Usually my lo wakes at 5:30ish to eat. SO we nurse and then i get up at 6:00 ish shower and all that. i get me and her completely ready to leave so that by 7:00 i nurse her again. or top her off as i call it Even though it was only an hour and 1/2 ago that she ate. Then she doesnt eat again until 10:00. It seems like when she is with me, she wants to eat more often than she does when i am at work, which is fine with me . So while i am at work, i will pump my first time at 10:00 ish b/c that is when she will eat again. I usually get to nurse her on my lunch break so i don't pump then so she will be good until about 4 which is when i will pump. i felt the same way that you did! i just didn't know what i was going to do, but you do fall into your own little routine and i do feel my lo has caught on. But on the weekends its free for all and i just nurse on demand. But like i said i believe that my lo knows when mommy is home she gets to nurse whenever b/c my dcp says that she seems completely satisfied until that 3 hours from the last feeding is up! Good Luck with everything and i am here to help if you need ever need to talk. i know how frustrating getting back in a routine for work can be, but it will all work out just fine!

    Oh and PS i never did figure out how to get my lo on a schedule, i think that she just did it on her own. And we still have some days that she doesnt wake at the same time, so we just work around it. As long as i try and feed her right before we leave she is fine. She seems to do better in the day time as far as a schedule

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