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Thread: Constipation?

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    My LO is 7 weeks 3 days old and she has a hard time going poop. She grunts so loudly and her face turns all red that it concerns me. Her stools are bright yellow and seedy, but they are pretty pasty, almost like peanut butter. And they smell like poop, not breastfeeding poop. My first baby pooped after every feeding, yellow, seedy, not smelly at all, just the perfect little breastfeeding scenario. This one is a different story altogether. Sometimes she'll poop once or twice a day, sometimes she won't poop for 2-3 days.

    I feed typically off of one breast per feeding usually 10-15 minutes about 3-4 hours between feedings during the day, and most nights she's been sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch, feeding in between. I give her Mylicon for infants because she gets pretty painful gas.

    Don't know if it's something in my diet, or soemthing w/foremilk/hindmilk? Anyone else w/this experience? Any ideas?

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    It sounds okay to me- my son went through times when he pooped only 2x a day- and then it was only once a day- and then he started skipping days... so it always changes. 2x a day sounds normal to me- and my sons poop smelled (but not as much as bottle fed poop!) I think the red face is pretty normal too- but I'm sure you have a dr. appointment comming up soon and you can always ask then. As long as you don't think you lo is in pain, I would say not to worry.

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    As long as the poops arent hard/ pellet like, it's not considered constipation and no therapies are required
    Every baby is different so this is just the nature of the new things to come
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    Sounds normal to me. My son's poop reaks and I EBF. He also strains and his face turns red too. It is normal for them to do that. The feeling of a BM is very new and different for a baby to feel. They are just getting use to the feeling of pooping. I was concerned in the beginning to until I read about how they have to get use to the feeling. It is also ok for a baby to go up to 10 days without pooping.
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    my daughter is 8 weeks and was doing this. my pedi suggested suppositories and after the 3rd time of using them i brought her in to see him. he called a gi doc and they said to do NOTHING they will eventually figure it out on there own. you can use the tip of your pinky to stimulate them to have a bowel movement they say after 2 or 3 times of doing this they understand how they need to poop. i hope it helps i know how frustrating it is

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    All is well mama!

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