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Thread: Screaming during feedings

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    Default Screaming during feedings

    My 4 1/2 month-old son has recently begun screaming during feedings. It doesn't happen all of the time and seems to be worse as the day goes on. He'll be fine for the first couple of minutes and then will come off and begin screaming and crying. Sometimes I can get him to start on the other side, but then the pattern repeats. I took him to the doctor and they couldn't find anything (ears are fine, etc.) Please help!

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    My son started acting that way around the same time. He is 7 months now, and has just started a new night-waking, crying, screaming bit ...
    I link both times (phases) to teething. Is your lo teething? Sometimes teething can affect their nursing, in different ways.
    As long as your lo isn't showing other/any signs of a cold/fever/earache, I'd say you're safe. Just alarming and stressful, I know.
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