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Thread: In a panic

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    I'm probably overreacting, but...
    My LO is 3 months old & I'm dealing with a yeast infection/thrush for the second time. I'm so frustrated that it came back because I did everything I could to prevent it (bought all new bras, pacis, etc; boiled all burp cloths; started taking probiotics; trying to avoid excess sugar or yeast), but it's still back. Anyway, I'm concerned that my LO is on medication now for the second time & I'm worried that this is going to be a regular occurrence. I feel horrible about it because I know I'm passing the infection on to him; I'm breastfeeding because it's the best & healthiest thing for my baby, but it's causing him to be sick!
    I plan to ask the doctor if there's anything else I should be doing, & whether I need to be concerned about him having thrush repeatedly or being on medications repeatedly. The doctor is very pro-breastfeeding, but I'm terrified she's going to tell me that it would be healthier for my son to have formula than to continue with infections & meds! Is that crazy? The thought of having to stop breastfeeding makes me cry, but I'm terrified that I'm compromising his health.

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    I'm sorry you are going through this and how frustrating after you did so much to prevent it I don't know much about thrush, but I'm sure others will have some advice. Try not to worry...many women do struggle with this, so I'm sure it can and will get better

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    I'm so sorry too about this. I haven't had to deal with thrush, but I've had lots of experience with yeast infections prior to pregnancy. Truth be known, they are why I have a baby now! (Had to go off the pill and next thing you know...!) I was in Germany at the time and they treat yeast differently (and much more effectively), using lots of probiotics.

    The doctor who treated me explained that medicines to kill yeast also kill other good stuff that keep your body healthy and (Catch 22) resistant to yeast infection, actually making you more vulnerable to further infection. The probiotics repopulate the good stuff before another yeast infection occurs.

    Thrush being a yeast infection in a different place, I wonder if doses of oral probiotics would be your friend? Get it into your system, maybe it could spread to your breast milk and hence to baby? Ask your doctor, but also ask a pharmacist; I've found here in Canada anyway they are more supportive and knowledgable about probiotics than doctors. Good luck!

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    I don't know mama. My ds had thrush a couple of times and he was fm. So don't beat yourself up. You are doing a wonderful thing!

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    Have you tried "all purpose nipple ointment"? Whenever I feel a little bit of irritation (like maybe thrush may be coming back), I just put some on and it goes away. I rarely have to put it on more than once. I really found that the ointment was the best thing for me to get rid of the thrush as well as keep it gone. Good luck!€
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    heres some info form kelly moms that might help

    are you resting?
    And taking care of yourself?
    thats a big part of getting beter!

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