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Thread: Thrush?

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    I all! I'm new here. I've got 3 boys and just had a girl 4 weeks ago. I started off with an infection which I treated with an antibiotic. Now, 4 weeks later, I'm still EXTREMELY tender and when I let down I have to clench on to whatever is close to me - not the baby! My neighbor was saying that it might be thrush. I will tell you that my symptoms seem to fit, but the baby is not fussy or anything. Obviously I will talk to a doctor, but I'm wondering if you can give me any personal experiences from thrush and if you have any ideas on easing the pain. I'd stopped with the Lansinoh after the infection b/c everyone I spoke with said it could clog the pores, but when I called one dr. yesterday he said to use it again. Help!!!

    Thank you.

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    Congratulations on your girl!! Girls are wonderful . I had thrush, it felt like my skin was crawling everytime DS ate!! We were both treated with Nystatin and it cleared up in about 5 days, but I continued to treat us both for a few more days, because I have heard it is hard to get rid of and can come back. It didn't come back for us!! It is important that you both get treated because even if she isnt showing signs of thrush, she can still pass it back to you. Good luck!

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    Hi! There are a lot of threads on thrush treatment in the newborn forums, if you haven't looked there yet.

    For myself, I am using probiotics (can be found at health food stores and Walgreens) and grapefruit seed extract (found at health food stores). Those are the only two things I've tried that actually worked for me and I've tried everything suggested...two doses of diflucan, nystatin (for baby and me), gentian violet (which did help ALOT with the pain but can only be used for a short time), monistat, and even betadine.

    My sil used one dose of diflucan and never had another problem so I guess it depends on the individual.

    And the above poster is right...both of you need to be treated. I actually got rid of it the first time but since my son's doctor wouldn't give him any medicine, he just gave it right back to me.

    Good luck to you!! And congrats on your little girl!

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    hi, you probably do have an infection ESPECIALLY since you were on antibiotics which tends to kill off your good bacteria inside your gut. I was on antibiotic after my c-section and both my bb and i had thrush. drugs DIDN'T work at all and in the end, my paed suggested acidophilus for us and it worked perfectly!

    i took acidophilus capsules daily and also gave bb LACTOGG capsule once a day. took him 20 capsules but worked miracles, i tell you. this is after 2 months of drugs that didn't work...

    does your girl have any white stuff on her tongue that cannot be cleaned off? if yes, then she prob has thrush. in addition to the probiotic capsules, i used a sterile gauze to clean my bb's tongue once daily with boiled cool water. just give it a gentle swipe outwards.

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