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Thread: Teething??

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    For the last week my DS has been chewing on his lower lip almost constantly. Today, at his last feeding he seemed depesperate to latch on and start sucking but once he did he started crying and screaming. He would thne stop sucking cry and then latch on again. He did this about 4 times before he gave up entirely and just kept crying. He only quieted down once I had him in my arms and I gave him a teething ring to chew on. He has also started sucking/chewing on his thumb with a vengence in the last few days as well.

    He 51/2 months old now so I think he's old enough for it to be tarting but I'm a first time mom so I'm not sure and I'm not exactly sure how to help him. My MIL told me that for her children once the tooth was really showing her husband cut the gum open with a sugar cube to get it over with. Needless to say I won't be doing that but I'm looking for thoughts as to if this really is teething and what others who have gone through this have dobe that helped?

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    oh - your poor husband... and son. It definitely sounds like he's teething. My son did the same thing with his lower lip and he puts everything in his mouth when he's teething - the harder the better for him (blocks, frozen, etc.)

    Before you're about to nurse, let your DS teeth on a cold teether or on a frozen washcloth. This will help soothe his gums so he can nurse easier. When he's not about to nurse, we used frozen bagels and full-sized carrots (peeled, of course). Both worked great and were recommeded to us by the nurse in our doctor's office. I also found that Tylenol helped through the really difficult moments, but I know that some people don't like giving meds, so it's up to you on that.

    Good luck and I hope the teeth cut quickly!

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