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Thread: Hurting in Memphis

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    Default Hurting in Memphis

    My daughter is 9 weeks old and I am having serious latch issues. She did fine until we introduced Avent bottles. I used the stage one nipple and my husband thought she sucked so hard that she choked. Immediately upon returning she wanted to nurse and had a difficult time not doing the same thing to my nipples. I have been to a lactation consultant in my area, the pediatrician, and tried almost every other bottle they make. She smacks and sucks so hard on my breast that I sometimes am on the verge of tears. I have watched Jack Newman's videos over and over and we have worked on her latch. Sometimes she gets it great and I can tell that she is getting tons more milk. Otherwise she smacks and frustrates herself. I have noticed a few things...I have an overactive letdown and she does gulp and occasionally chokes...for that, I have gone to one breast feeds and it has seemed to help. She also turns her head sometimes as if to slow the milk flow with her gums, but she definitely smacks when she does this. The other thing is that she sometimes slides her mouth to the nipple only. If I take her off and try to relatch, she either goes right back to the wrong latch or won't take the nipple. Please help.


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    sorry, do you have to give a bottle? I used a medicine dropper. Hope you get some help, I don't know much about latch. But you have made it this far great work!

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    Hi mama,
    traveling on the nipple can seriously abraid the nipple and cause pain. Try decreasing the amount of time between feedings so baby is more relaxed during feedings. How often are you feeding now? What positions are you using? Have you contacted your local leader for latching techniques? A leader can help you for free!

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    I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time.

    I live about two hours south of Memphis and although there aren't any meetings here, I think when I did a search there were some there. It sounds like you've already seen lots of people to make this work; good for you--I know it's frustrating.

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