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Thread: I am a chew toy (arg)

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    Unhappy I am a chew toy (arg)

    I have a three month old who I think might be teething. She has been biting me. On one side she usually has a problem (I think a fast flow) and she has to pull off frequently. No problem we have gotten used to it, she will come off when she needs to catch her breath. But now she will chomp and pull off. She does this to both sides now. I think she is using me as a chew toy at feedings. If she gets fussy around the 2 or 3 hour mark I will try to nurse and she kinda just plays around and chomps and pulls off. She has been eating a little less, and a little fussy. She has to be teething. What should I do? She is way to young to somehow show that she is hurting me... I don't want to let her continue this tho... maybe this is the end of nursing? any advice is appreciated Thank you!
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    My lo doesn't bite me but she will pinch the mess out of me!

    She grabs and fulls of boob and squeezes. Coupled with sharp finger nails, it is not pleasent.

    Sorry no advice to offer just sharing my pains.

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    It's possible that your baby has learned that clamping down on the nipple will slow the flow of milk. Some mothers find that nursing in a more upright position (similar to the football hold), with baby on top of the chest (with mother reclining back), or side-lying can help to slow the force of the let-down and make it more manageable for the baby. Another suggestion is to keep a finger ready to break the suction when your baby gives signs that she will clamp down. Tension building in the jaw is one reliable sign.

    Here is some helpful information regarding oversupply and overactive let-down:
    Though your situation isn't exactly biting, you might find some of the tips offered in these resources to be helpful:


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