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Thread: Weaning some day feedings.... need help

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    Red face Weaning some day feedings.... need help


    I am looking for a little support from hopefully a little more respectful audience!! I posted on another forum and got some flack which upset me so bear with me.

    My DS is 10 months old. He'll be starting day care next month part time and slowly increasing his time there until he is full time when I go back to work. He is very healthy and well established on solids. He normally nurses 4 times per day, two of which are during the mid day.

    My doctor says it's fine to introduce him to whole milk. He's in the 75% for growth. I'm ok with this as eventually I won't be able to nurse during those two day nursings and I am not really keen on pumping as I found it difficult in the past and DS doesn't like the bottle and is not bottle trained (I am not sure I'd want to introduce it anyway at this point since he uses a cup and sippy cup). I talked with a few other moms that have weaned and the advice was to replace the day nursing sessions with the whole milk. Problem is DS doesn't like milk and is not taking very much. I also offer him water at meals and snack.

    For the last three days I have found that he will make it to about 1:30 (just in time for PM nap) then start to have a melt down if I put him down without nursing..... so I end up nursing him (normally I would nurse him after nap at around 3 or 3:30). Now I am not sure if it's cause he is thirsty or cause he just wants to nurse. Surely he can't be hungry cause he eats a fair amount for a 10 mth old... three meals a day and two snacks..... so I am a little stressed about what to do and am just looking for ideas....

    - Should I just send him to daycare without weaning those feedings? I am thinking this is bad because it's kind of like cold turkey for him and I will probably suffer some serious engorgement.
    - Should I just keep trying with milk?
    - Should I try rice or soy milk?
    - Should I try flavouring it? (not really keen on that but I read that in someone else's post).

    Any ideas would be appreciated and please no criticism for me introducing milk this early.


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    I would nurse him at least at 1:30. Your body will adjust. I stopped pumping when dd was 8 months old. She took formula during the day. But, on weekends, she tended to want to nurse a couple of times during the day. There was always milk there. Maybe not as much as she was used to, but enough to make her happy. The nice thing about starting out part time is you might not get as engorged as you would if you were full time right away.

    I would have the daycare try milk first. If he doesn't like it, they can offer water so he at least gets hydrated. He might be willing to take it from them. But, when you're around, he might refuse it and go for the good stuff.

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    Default Re: Weaning some day feedings.... need help

    Does he like yogurt? If he does eat enough of it you may not need to give him milk at all. Also after starting daycare, I suspect he may start wanting to nurse at night (I've heard from many moms this happens).

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    Default Re: Weaning some day feedings.... need help

    If your baby doesn't want or like regular milk you don't need to "make him drink it....My son started daycare at 14months and simply drinks water while away from me and breastfeed when together. If you are planning on to continuing to t nurse him when you are together, it could be fine. Are you planning on to continue to nurse when together? Or are you shooing to be done by a year or so?

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    Thanks all for the input. I have done some reading on the Kelly Mom site and here.

    DS does love yogurt and cheese so he does get his calcium there so I am less concerned now about that. I will keep offering milk but if he doesn't like it then water it is. He drinks that and yesterday I offered more of it to ensure he wasn't thirsty and I think that helped as he did not ask for the afternoon nursing after nap.

    I think I will adjust the feedings and nurse before PM nap as suggested by someone here and then just do the "don't offer, don't refuse" approach for after nap.

    I do plan to continue nursing while we're together. Right now he nurses good in the morning and in the afternoon (unless he asks again) then at bedtime which I noted has increased in length. I am trying to give him extra cuddles and kisses and stuff which is nice for me too.

    He was waking up at night but I was trying to cut out the last feeding since it didn't seem substantial and was only once.... but I know you're not supposed to wean both at once. He hasn't woken up in the last two nights to nurse so we haven't but if he does perhaps I will feed him.

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    Hi and best of luck with your feedings. It sounds to me like you have it under control. The fact that you are starting part time and working your way to full time daycare is so smart!!! I wish I thought of that as I begin work in a few days.

    My LO also will only take water from her sippy and I am fine with that. She nurses once a day and at night several times. Her meals cover everything else she needs. When I go back to work, she will probably only take the water and I will nurse her when I get home. I have read that my body will adjust to the new nursing schedule. Enjoy your last few months home. They go so fast!!

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