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    Hi All

    I just started back to work last week, and its looking like I will
    need to take a one day business trip from Boston to Toronto. I have
    studied the logistics of finding space, fridges, and keeping milk
    cold during the day, and know how I am doing security checkpoints
    from Boston to Toronto.

    Now I am working on the return trip, when I will (hopefully!) have
    three or four 5oz bottles of milk. I looked on the Canadian website,
    and it says that breastmilk is allowed in carry-on baggage for
    travelers with children. However, I won't be traveling with my
    little one, so I am trying to find out if its still allowed? I know
    the US ditched the requirement that you must have a child with you,
    but can't tell if Canada did the same.

    I'm looking for both anecdotal evidence and also something that I
    can print out to bring with me through security. My other option of
    course is to just bring a travel sturdy bag that my cooler can
    travel in and check the bag. Of course, this means I risk having the
    bag lost, and have extra waiting time at the end of an already long
    day waiting for baggage.

    Has anyone done this recently?


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    Default Re: Canadian Traveling

    I just tried it today. I've done it successfully a couple times in the past, but this time around they gave me a hard time (I managed to cry my way to a sympathy pass - I'd had a really hard 24 hours and had only carry-on bags). Come to think of it - I was travelling in Canada for the first time without my son, so it might be the Canadian/US difference.

    Can you check your bag on the way back? That's the easiest way to get around the requirements, and the milk stays colder that way anyway. It might get a big more jostled, but it should otherwise be fine. I've done it that way too.

    ETA: Oops - I didn't read your post carefully enough. Yes, I definitely recommend going with your cooler option. There is the chance that it will be lost, but if it's kept cold, you can even deal with it being lost for a short time.
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