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Thread: Waiting for it to get better/easier...

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    I have also been suffering from thrush. Ouch!! I feel your pain. Wearing a nipple shield has helped me get through some of the pain. Your latch might be fine...maybe the thrush comes and goes. I find that I have days that are better than others. Also, you might want to try some tylenol 10-15 minutes before you feed for the thrush pain. Someone suggested a UVA/UVB reptile light. I purchased one over the weekend and used it once along with the gentian violet, grapefruitseed extract, APNO and I seem to be feeling like I might be turning the corner. I used the lamp for 1 minute on each side....it felt like it was a little too long because I felt like I had a sun burn on my nipples all day saturday, but today I feel a lot better. Thrush is an evil beast!


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    I am goin thru the same thing..i dont have anytin to say to help...but i jst wanted to say tat it will hpefully get better...i hve flat nipples as well so it makes getting the latch even harder...

    Stay with it and we will get thru it hpefully a little FASTER..

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