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Thread: Need some help--several issues

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    My pediatrian tried to tell me that my lo did not need to nurse at night. She is 6 mo and 16lbs. I don't agree with her. I will offer her the binki and try to comfort her first but if she wants it I give it.

    To many time we mama's get caught up in what other people think we should do. Now don't get me wrong, advice is an excellent sourse for direction when you just don't get it But we all need to remember to relax and trust our bodies. Besides, what works for one family will not always work for the next.

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    There seems to be a difference of opinions among Academy experts as to whether to wait to introduce solids or not. The Section on Breasfeeding supports exclusivity until 6 mos. The Committee on Nutrition supports introduction of complementary foods between 4 and 6 months. My ds has lost his tongue-thrust reflex and is a supported sitter who increasingly wanted to nurse more often than every 2 hours. He also is able to turn his head when he doesn't want anymore and grabs at my plate if he's on my lap. He very much loves his cereal, although I make a point of not overdoing it and fully intend to wait until he is 6 months to introduce anything more than cereal.

    I tried pumping from the fuller side while he was nursing this morning and got 4 ounces! I was SO excited! That went right into the freezer! The reason for the pumping is to mix with his cereal and for the occasion when I might need/want a sitter. I will note that I can literally sit and watch the breastmilk breakdown the cereal. It gets thinner and thinner as it sits, whereas the times I've mixed it with formula it did not. That's a sign to me that the BM will help his little body digest it better.

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    If you have your mind made up about it then by all means mix in the breast milk, the calories in cereal are hard to digest ( not bioavailable) as well as very low. By mixing the milk in you add nutrition. Good thinking.

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    my 4-mo. ds nurses about every 3 hrs on one breast, she used to be every 1.5 hrs so that's a big improvement. at night she nurses about the same frequency. don;t let your ped dictate that you shouldn't nurse at night as every baby is different and he doesn't know yours as well as you do. trust you intuition!
    i also pump since i work full-time and i get 5 oz per DAY (from pumping 3 times) which is enough for one bottle. i supplement with one bottle of formula. don't stress out if you gotta supplement. as long as you are bf your lo will still get all the benefits.

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