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Thread: Question about thrush

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    Default Question about thrush

    My LO & I have had thrush/yeast infection in the past. Now after nursing for weeks with no pain, I have a small sore/scab on one breast which is pretty sore & both side are just a tiny bit tender after nursing, which is unusual. I'm concerned that the infection is returning. I'm wondering if there's harm in treating this as an infection if it turns out it's not (so I can start treatment right away rather than waiting until it's really painful & I'm positive it's yeast)? If I use an over-the-counter topical medicine like Monistat, how do I use it? Do I wipe it off before LO nurses? When should I be putting it on & how often? My OB/GYN is completely unhelpful & uneducated about yeast infections so she's useless & my LO's pediatrician seems to be very knowledgeable, but is afraid to give me any advice that's not directly about my LO because she can't treat me or give me medical advice because she's not my doctor. Please help!

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    Hi there. Now, I'll be back after checking some stuff out and getting you some links but if I am thinking properly at this late hour, you would not put monistat on your breast/nipple.
    I'll BRB


    okay- here's a page with a great amount of info regarding thrush. This page has some nice specifics.

    How was it you were treated the first time?

    back again to say it seems this is a treatment some have used, but I wouldn't w/o knowing how much is okay. and I'd go with the more "natural" treatments first...
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    The Breastfeeding Answer Book pg 482 says:

    Clortrimazole--over-the-counter or prescription treatment. Over-the-counter US brands include Mycelex, Lotrimin, Lotrimin AF cream or lotion (1%). To use: apply to nipples/areolae after feedings two to four times daily until at least two days after symptoms disappear.
    Miconazole--over-the-counter treatment. US brands inluce Mycatin, Monistat-Derm cream or lotion (1%). To use: Apply to nipples/areolae two to four times daily for seven days.
    Here's another helpful resource:

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