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    Okay I was just reading about fenugreek and how you're supposed to smell like syrup? i've been taking it 2 TID and I really haven't noticed much of an incease. My bottle is from Vitamin World and it's like a year and a half old. Should I get a new bottle...add blessed thistle
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    Hi! I have taken this a few times for different periods of time. But when I first started taking it, I took 3 pills, 3x daily. Then, I increased it to 4 pills, 3x daily. It really works, too!! This is gross, but my urine did smell like it, especially the first time I took it. I would always forget to take it over the weekend when I was home. Your bottle should have an expiration date on it. Mine are from GNC and they work well for me. HTH!!
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    I would imagine that if they are a year and a half old that they are expired, but check the bottle, as PP said.

    I did smell like maple syrup when I took fenugreek, and it did work for me. Other things that worked for upping supply were drinking tons of water, eating oatmeal, and pumping after every single nursing session, night and day. The pumping night and day was really exhausting and somewhat of a last resort when my supply got really low.

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    Nothing to do with your ?, but I have found that eating oatmeal every day really upped my supply.

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