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Thread: Ist time BF w/ toddler at home

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    have you read this page?

    this will realy help with the engorgement. It helps if you have an iv with the birth because your breasts are filled with fuilds besides milk.
    its ok to to take what ever your doctor says is ok for pain.

    you can do it this time!

    did you get crackes and bleeding with your older ones?
    heres a page for what to do to help with cracks

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    Default Re: Ist time BF w/ toddler at home

    STICKERS!!!!! I come out of almost every nursing session completely covered in stickers! They are cheap and easy to clean up... so I recommend getting a gallon sized ziploc bag full of stickers and busting that booger out whenever it's time for the new baby to eat! Adelaide (exactly 2 years and two weeks older than Lucy) would cover herself, me and Lucy with stickers. It kept her happy for a long time. How far apart are yours going to be? We also read books and, I hate to admit it, but Adelaide fell in love with Mary Poppins around Christmas time, so she often watches it while I breastfeed. It's not as annoying as some other things on t.v. and it also gets her through breathing treatments now that she's been diagnosed with asthma... so basically, you just have to find what works for your toddler. Don't worry too much. It's not as bad as you expect... toddlers are so resilient!
    And, sorry, no help for the big boob question... I was so excited to be a C cup WHILE NURSING, I couldn't even explain it!

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    I don't have two kids yet but I was reading this mainly to see what others said, when I thought of something. I don't think anyone mentioned it.

    For helping with divided attention, do you know about/have you used a sling or other baby carrier? Some you can nurse in. That way, once you get good at nursing, you can nurse your baby in the sling and have hands free for your other child. It most likely will take time to get used to both wearing the sling and then nursing in it, but it can be done. There is a section on babywearing on this forum- lots of women are very knowledgeable there and helpful, too. Its down the page some- called "babywearing".

    Best wishes to you, good for you for being so prepared!
    Mommy to 3 beautiful girls!

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    I am a first time bf of now 3kids. I did just what you did. This time I did more research, read more books, talked to a LC, found LLL and in love with the moms here.

    I the first month was the hardest for me, but I was lucky and had dh home for 4wks. He took care of the older two while I took sole care of the baby. Once I was on my own at 5wks I had my work cut out for myself with have a 4yr to help with 2yr. I really did not have much to worry about them until now. Now I have to deal with is dd2 wants to play with her older siblings. My other two kids like to talk to her when I feed her, naturally.

    I am with the other moms books, reading, for me it was time when my kids could watch PBS, or some educational stuff.

    I am now a DD or a DDD and the most pain I felt this time around is when I get really engorged which is when dd2 slepts most of the night (like last night). I have not tips except I have heard the playtex gel pads are good. For me just pumping a little helped the pain, however, when dd2 does latch on when I am so full it was a relief for me no pain. I have been really lucky.

    I hope I was of some help, a basket of "big kid" stuff is great.
    Becky ~ 33 Dh ~ 37 (my little geek of geeks)
    Dd1 ~ Brittney 5yrs aka Bunny
    Ds ~ Xander 3yrs aka Xaxu
    Dd2 ~ Bailie 1yr aka Dede

    Still going 14months later.

    1yr goal and save $2200 average.

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    Thank you so very much to all the warm, supportive and honest answers. To be quite honest, I feel that sometimes my LL Leader (though very nice and helpful) makes things sound easier than they are. If I hear the honest truth, I feel I can better prepare myself more.
    So again, thank you so very much for all the help.

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