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Thread: so we've weaned...

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    and it was a bit of a surprise, he just wouldn't latch on when it came for bedtime and since then he hasn't nursed. he was only nursing for sleeps and when he woke through the night so not a lot but my question is, i can feel i have milk in my boobs, they hurt a bit and aren't engorged but how long will they be like this? i have tried sudafed but that just gave me a headache and didn't seem to have an effect on my boobs. i do have a pump to use but i'm worried about stimulating my supply which i obviously don't want to do. also if i do nothing will that matter? am i leaving myself open to problems like mastitis or something?

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    I guess from past experience I had to abrupty wean so I know a little bit about it. My boobs got rock hard and people who got close to me and hug me and it would hurt. It only lasted a few days and actually I had a nurse in the hospital bind my boobs (where they put wrap around your boobs very tightly to help). Maybe you could get some assistance from the hospital on this matter.

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    I don't think it's recommended to bind them anymore. My understanding is that it's best to go ahead and express enough to make them comfortable. Just don't empty them. You will slowly produce less milk. It could take months to dry up completely but you shouldn't have to express for long.. a few days?

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    Friend of mine tried cabbage leaves too. Apparently this really worked well for her. But otherwise, yes, express just enough to be comfortable and your body will adjust in a couple of days.

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    I weaned really slow like that and then just stopped one night. I wasn't engorged the milk ducts just seemed a little tender. After a few days, it went away. I never had to express.
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