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Thread: 3 month old with juice...no way! help!

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    Default Re: 3 month old with juice...no way! help!

    You could try making positive comments about your mother-in-law's parenting techniques with your husband. Once she hears you saying stuff about what you think she did great, she might be more open to acknowleging that you're doing stuff a little different and that's okay.

    This helped my relationship with my mother-in-law quite a bit.

    When she says stuff like, "give the baby juice" or "put rice in her milk", you could follow up with...

    "It's interesting how different the recommendations are now than they were 25 years ago, huh?!?"

    This takes the pressure off her to be right. She WAS right, based on what MDs were telling our moms back then.

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    Default Re: 3 month old with juice...no way! help!

    Oh, one more suggestion.

    Sometime low-key, when you haven't been talking about the juice or rice issues, you could say, "I'm so happy that my baby can stay with you when I'm working. It's comforting to know that you're supportive of helping us wait to give her anything but my milk for the time being."

    Even if it's not true, if you act like it's true, she might, too!

    Good luck!

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    with all the previous posts. Your baby doesn't need juice.

    And as far as I know, the answer to this question
    Quote Originally Posted by Mybirthdaybaby View Post
    What age should I start mixing the cereal in with my BM?
    is never. Cereal in a bottle is a choking hazard, and it is much less nutritious than your milk. If your MIL is concerned about the baby not eating enough, cereal is the exact opposite of the way to go. It would just fill your baby up with junk, making her less hungry for the good stuff: your high-calorie milk.

    Keep on keepin' on, and don't let your MIL get you down. They sure did believe some crazy stuff back in the day!

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    Default Re: 3 month old with juice...no way! help!

    I like your approach mpoulson!!
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    I know that your MIL is probably the only option right now w/ childcare...but if you can't trust her or think she is doing things "behind your back," maybe she shouldn't be watching your lo. I would hate thinking that my baby's caretaker were undermining me as a mother

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    Default Re: 3 month old with juice...no way! help!

    i didn't have time to read all the replies but that article from kellymom that andrea posted is a great one! juice at 3 months is a very bad idea. breastfed babies can go up to 10 days between BMs and be considered normal, as long as those poops are big like you said. You are right momma! If I was in your case I would consider telling my mom he/she was pooping every day!

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