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Thread: Nursing strike @ 11 weeks?

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    Default Nursing strike @ 11 weeks?

    There have been quite a few posts lately about nursing strikes so I know I'm not alone, but all the others seem to be about babies who are several months older. DD is 11 weeks and I'm not sure if this is a strike or not since I never experienced this with DD1.

    She started at the babysitter's about 3 weeks ago so she's had quite a few bottles lately (3/day). She cries all the way home b/c she hates the car seat so when we get home, I take her out and try to nurse while DD1 runs around for awhile before dinner. My thinking is nursing might calm her down?? This has not proven to be so! She fights me the whole time- screaming, twisting away from me, stiffening up, etc. Sometimes this is during my initial let-down (yes, I have OALD), but other times it's before the let-down happens. So, I put her down and she usually quiets and is happy/laughing.

    I tried a different approach yesterday thinking maybe she's just not hungry at that time so I waited until I had DD1 at the table for dinner and tried to nurse her then. I didn't want to wait until she was screaming from hunger to try again, and she wasn't, but the same thing happened. She settled again once I stopped trying to feed her. It's like she doesn't want *ME.*

    I've also considered that maybe it's just her "witching hour" and she's tired by that point since it starts around 6:15. She will nurse through the night, usually 3-4 times between 9pm & 6am, usually without too much of a problem.

    It's just so frustrating since I only get to nurse her during the evening and throughout the night and it seems like it's ALWAYS a struggle. Apparently, she's not a comfort nurser. Should I not even attempt it during the early evening hours?

    I think she does have mild reflux, which might cause some of the problems, but I would think she would scream during the day, too if that were the issue??

    I also think DH's mom has convinced him DD prefers the bottle and that we should just offer that to her to make sure she's getting enough to eat. I told him that would just make things worse for me...Right? (I also think there's an ulterior motive behind us offering more bottles, but that's another issue).

    Anyway, does this sound familiar to anyone?
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    Default Re: Nursing strike @ 11 weeks?

    We're having a really long off and on again strike with the exact same description. I thought at points too that I was forcing her to eat and that was making her mad...but that's not it. And my mother keeps suggesting just pump and give her the bottle. But i keep trying to explain that's not he right solution.

    Anyhow, I'm going to see a breast feeding specialiast tomorrow. Have already tried everything from the La Leche leader (very nice and helpful - just think I'm at a different level now).

    If anything works, I'll post back and let you know.

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    Default Re: Nursing strike @ 11 weeks?

    I think I have had this problem..it could have been as strike. I used to give my LO a bottle thinking she is hungry but she would not take it either. If she is refusing make sure you pump to keep up the supply. It should pass in a few days.

    May be she is missing you and that is her way of showing it. Can you take a break during the day and may be nurse her during lunch?

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    Default Re: Nursing strike @ 11 weeks?

    Is your dcp giving a bottle late in the day?

    Yes, you're right. Giving a bottle won't help the situation and might just reinforce her preference for it.

    Here are some ideas you might find helpful. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html

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