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Thread: Plugged duct?

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    Default Plugged duct?

    I have a very large, painful lump in my armpit that I think *might* be a plugged duct. It's pretty high up, closer to my arm, and I'm not sure just how far the ducts go up into the underarm area. I'm pretty sure it's not an ingrown hair, as I've tried everything that usually works if I do have one. I've done warm compresses and massage and constant nursing on that side to try to get it to move along. Nothing yet and it still hurts. My breasts aren't filling up (obviously, with the location) and I'm not really having any pain anywhere else besides right around the bump. Does this sound like a plugged duct or a more serious issue? TIA for your help!

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    It sounds like it *could* be a plugged duct. They can go up into the armpit area. Here's some more info that might help you figure it out and treat it:
    Plugged Ducts and Mastitis
    I suggest that you contact your doctor or at least a lactation consultant to let them know what's going on.


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    Default Re: Plugged duct?

    Sounds like a plugged duct to me. Kellymom (as linked to above) has lots of good info on treating them. Hope you feel better soon!

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    Sounds like a plugged duct to me too...I had one sortof in the area where you describe. It happened twice in the same place, so I switched to a different brand of nursing bra (the one that I had had a seam there) and made sure I got more rest (my doctor told me to limit myself to two activities a day) and it hasn't come back.

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    Had one of those in the first week. I took very hot showers and many a day and massaged the area down toward the nipple. I also used a moist, warm compress when just lounging around watching T.V. It was gone in a few days.

    Good luck!
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