I'm 6 months pg and DS just turned 1. He's switched over to whole milk just fine, so we're ready to quit EPing. The past couple of weeks, I've only been pumping once a day and this past week I've been adding an hour to each daily pump, so my schedule goes something like this (9 a.m. one day, 10 a.m. the following day, 11 a.m. the next day, etc.). So, today I just didn't pump at all and now I'm starting to get hard lumps in my breasts (reminds me of when I used to get plugged ducts). I am leaking a little, and I have some tenderness in my breasts when I bump them or DS leans on them. My nipples are also sore. So my question is this...can I just stop or is there something I need to do? My DH is terrified I'm going to get mastitis or something (he used to work on a dairy farm and saw it all the time ). Or will my body just shut down the milk processors without me having to do anything?

I'm going to post this in Pumping & Weaning forums cause I think one or the other should be helpful. Thanks!