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Thread: I don't want to start solids...

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    Default Re: I don't want to start solids...

    We started at 7 months since we were certainly going to wait till 6 months and 7 seemed a-a bit funkier b-that's when my mother had me start.

    Truth is, LO tried to grab food at around 4-5 months. She also tried to "eat" plastic bags and newspaper at that time so I figured her judgement was unreliable

    You most certainly have the right to wait with a 4 month old baby. Sort of sad that your ped doesn't know WHO and APA recommendations.

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    Default Re: I don't want to start solids...

    Thanks everyone! I'm going to wait until she shows some "signs" of wanting to try solids or when she hits 6 months. (whichever comes first)

    Thank you again!
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    Default Re: I don't want to start solids...

    That's a good idea Sherri, I would wait too! Don't be in any kind of hurry to start solids. We didn't get serious with the solids until 8-9 months. Good luck when it's time!
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    Default Re: I don't want to start solids...

    I haven't read the replies but it sounds totally normal to me. I would encourage you to wait till at least 6 months as well, if only for the "virgin gut" reason.

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    I'm surprised that your ped would recommend doing that. Both mine have always been in the 50th % but our doctor still encourages waiting until they turn 6 months.

    I'd say do what you think is best for your little one but know that it's not necessary to start solids right now.

    Maybe you could add a few nursing sessions in to help with the calories?

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