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This may be a silly question - but I am confused by your suggestion to pump before nursing in the am - wouldnt this empty the breast and leave the baby with not enough to eat? How soon after pumping can baby get a full feed? I have been pumping after nursing in the am instead...should i do this the other way round?
That is a very GOOD question!

Firstly, you never really EMPTY your breasts.
Think about your mouth... it is constantly making saliva, right?
There are certainly times when it may be a little dry, but the minute you smell food (think: warm, spicy, cinnamon buns!) your mouth literally *waters.*
When was the last time you worried about having enough saliva?

Your breasts are also meant to keep on working.
Whenever you remove milk - either by pumping or nursing - they get a message to make more. The more frequently you remove milk, the more milk they make.

Add to that another factor: babies are MUCH better at removing milk from breasts then even the best pumps.
So yes, if you pump first, there will be a lower level of milk in your breast TO START WITH, but the baby will signal your breasts to make more! In fact, your baby will continue to nurse through several let-downs until satisfied.

If you are adding a new pumping time to an existing schedule, it may take a few days for your body to adjust. By allowing your baby extra time to nurse AFTER pumping, you will encourage your breasts to make more milk more quickly.