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Thread: What kind?

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    Question What kind?

    What kind of toast do u give ur little ones? My lo is 10 mos. Is it ok to give toast to her?

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    Wheat can be an allergen. We sound that my son was sensitive to it at first. So we offered Brown Rice Bread that we bought at the healthfood store.
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    We give our lo whole wheat bread. I always look at the ingredients and if it says "whole wheat flour" as the first one, I buy it. If it says "enriched wheat flour" I don't buy it.

    I just lightly toast it so it's a bit crispy but still soft inside and give her half a piece. She's been getting toast since about 7 or 8 months, I think.
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    I only give Ezekiel or Alvarado St. sprouted grain breads to LO. Toast is constipating, and DD has a problem with that. So I have to watch for signs of it, keep the bread to a minimum, and try to pair it with some fat or protein to keep her from getting stopped up (ie butter, almond butter, coconut or olive oil, etc).

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