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    I recently switched my 7 week old son back to the breast instead of feeding breastmilk in a bottle. But, I have found that he is eating less at one time and eating more often. How can I get him to eat more so I can go longer between feedings? Also, should I give him both breasts at feeding time or just one? He tends to suck pretty well for about five minutes and then he starts falling asleep or sucking really quickly but not really eating. What can I do to help both of us get used our new feeding routine?

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    You can't make him eat more, sorry. What you can do is let him stay on the first breast until he falls asleep or releases on his own....then offer second breast. I always offer it. even if he doesnt take it or at least not for long. The best thing for your supply and to start a routine is, believe it or not, forget the clock. let it be natural and it will be easier. At least that was my experience

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    sounds like your lo missed you and wants to be with you more.
    I offer both sides. Sometimes a diaper change inbetween sides keeps my lo alert and interested rather than falling asleep.

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    It may be that he is feeding more often because he and your body are getting used to each other again. Your body needs to learn to respond to his demands, so it may be a little while (a week or so?) for it to get used to him instead of a pump.

    Babies are much more efficient at removing milk from a breast than a pump is, so it may be that your body needs to produce more milk at a time to fill him up. Just give yourself (and him) a little time to adjust by feeding him on demand and eventually it will even out a bit.

    Babies also get a lot better at nursing as they get older. I believe when my lo was about 4 months old she started only eating for about 10 minutes at a time. I thought something was wrong, but it turned out she'd just gotten a lot better at emptying my breasts.

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