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Thread: bfing and pumping

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    Unhappy bfing and pumping

    can i feed my 4 week old from exclusively one side and pump the other side exclusively? He latches on better on the right side and not the left.

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    You could do that....but my suggestion is just keep practicing. I think most babies generally have a favorite side. And we as mothers generally have one side that that we prefer(Hurts less when they latch, seems less akward to position ect.) but it all gets better with time. And if you put yourself in a position where you always have to pump on that side, then you ALWAYS HAVE TO PUMP on that side. Which could really get to be no fun. One of the greatest things about BFing is when your ready to go, you just pick up and go. What will happen if your out with the baby? Do you take the pump?
    I know initially,my DS and me both preferred him nursing on my left side. For him I know it was easier because it was always fuller. (It is the larger of the two) so he didn't have to work as hard. For a long time (about 8 weeks I think) the only really successful latching nursing sessions we had on the right were with him in the football hold. And even then there was always more pain on that side and we defiantely had to pull off and relatch a bunch more on that side. To the point where I had to brace myself for the sessions on that side. But I think a lot of it had to do with the baby having better/stronger coordination on one side of his body. Which is why the football postion worked. It essentially put him in the opposite position of the cradle hold on the left side. And later it worked out great because that became his "nap" boob. In cradle he falls asleep in my lap and generally wakes up when moved. Since I need pillows to put him comfortabley in football hold, when he falls asleep I can get up and walk away with out disturbing him
    I know it's rough right now, believe me I know! But think into the future. When you master sidelying nursing and you could both fall asleep....but you have to go pump on the other side! I suggest practice and possibly a trip to see an LC. Sometimes they can watch you nurse and give you some slight little movement tips that make a huge difference! I know I'll be back to see mine when we run into trouble with teeth! Last time I went he was the biggest baby there(9 weeks) but hey better to get help!

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