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Thread: Tanning Bed?

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    Default Tanning Bed?

    I would like to say I'm happy I found this message board a few days ago. Is the tanning bed safe while bf? Will it affect my milk production? I know it's not good for the skin but I'm hoping it might help my psoriasis on my arms.
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    yes enter it into search on this board and LLL has info on it. Don't get burned or dehydrated and you know the other risks involved.

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    We're so glad you're here!

    Tanning beds don't compromise your milk in any way, it just affects your skin. Any lotions, creams, or oils used should be removed from the area that baby will touch, though, as the safety of most of these products on baby's sensitive skin isn't known.

    The only other complication to tanning is finding a way to keep baby entertained while you do it, it's not like it's something you can just hop up and chase after him!
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    I think it would be fine. It's just UV light, right? The only suggestion I have is to make sure you cover your breasts- you don't want to take a chance with getting sunburned nipples! Hope your psoriasis gets better.

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    Here's a link that might be helpful to you

    Is the psoriasis uncomfortable?
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    i go to a bed w/ both uva and uvb lights it works best.

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