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Thread: ? about dairy allergy

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    James can't digest sugars proven by a stool test-normal was 0, his was over 200. A test done after very slow growth (extremely slow growth). The dr thought that a dairy protien allergy is causing damage to his colon that is resulting in malabsorption/disaccharidase defciancy. This theory of allergy is based off of green mousousy stools with occasional blood while exclusively bfing. So I was takenm off of dairy products. James is 11 months old and taking lots of solids now so his stools are now shiney and soft with only some mousus, and only one bloody stool since I went off of milk.
    The question is, last week James was crawling around with his 1 year old cousin while us women watched a wedding video. When I looked over, James was gulping down Joseph's whole milk. Now James had no reaction in 3 days since-no diarreah, no bloody stools, no hives, nothing. If James is infact sooooooooo allergic to cows milk protiens that he would severly react to cows milk protiens coming through my milk, then shouldn't he have had a very bad reaction to guzzling a 1/2 oz too 1 oz of whole milk straight? Or some reaction?
    James's brother IS allergic to cows milk and even the slightest minute amount causes a reaction, he also can't digest some sugars and is off of dairy and still has malabsorption issues from this disaccharidase defciancy (one that encompasses several sugars not just lactose) even without eating dairy.

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    Wow, that's weird! I would assume if he has milk allergies from what you eat I would expect him to have a even stronger reaction to straight cow's milk. I've never have an experience with allergies so I've no clue on this but maybe someone else can give you a logical explanation to this.

    Well, just be glad nothing happened to him, he still so young and I heard allergic reactions are no fun.

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    Hi there,

    My DD was dx with a cow milk protein allergy at around 6 weeks old. I was taken off dairy also and she was so sensitive that I swear if I even looked at a dairy product, she would have bloody stools!

    When she was approximately 5.5 months old, the bloody stools just stopped one day. In fact, she hasn't had a bloody stool since February 24 and I'm eating all the dairy I like, and still breastfeeding.

    My point is that they do grow out of a dairy allergy. Sometimes quickly, sometimes it takes up until the age of 2. I wouldn't be racing to give your DS another sample of whole milk just yet, but you might want to test the waters with a small amount of dairy every couple of days and watch for various reactions that can occur.


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