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    For those of you who have established a bedtime routine, what is it? My LO is 3 1/2 months old and definitely knows the difference b/t day and night. He sleeps better at night, but he has gotten to where he won't stay in his crib. As soon as I lay him down, he wakes up, but if he's in the bed with us, he'll sleep just fine and only wake up for feedings.

    I want to try and get a bedtime routine going and also try and get him to stay in his own bed. Any tips?
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    I can help with the routine, but my 13 mo still gets into our bed by morning.

    6:30 bath, then eucerine cream all over
    7 quiet play of cuddle on the couch (at at the age of your LO nurse here or in the rocker)
    7:30 40 watt light in glider rocker reading/singing whiel rocking IF he is too wound up a few minutes more of wandering around his room helps
    out like a light by7:45, wait until s/he doesn't reaction when you slowly move their arm it took about a week for this to sink in with him and now he will sleep 4-5 hours without waking from this point...later in the night, well, I'll just say someone else better help you

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    My baby will sleep from 11:30 pm to about 5:00-7:00 am .... after she wakes up from her 7 pm nap I give her a bath around 9:00 with Johnson's bedtime soap, then I massage her with Johnson's bed time gel... at aroung 10:00 we read a book for like 10-15 min then I nurse her for like an hour until she falls asleep I make sure she takes boths breast other wise she will wake up around 3 to eat... I feed her in my bed with her laying down in my arm... thats easier for me to take her to her crib with out her knowing it

    She is 7 mo... hope those tips help

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