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Thread: Bedtime drink once weaned?

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    Default Bedtime drink once weaned?

    As part of our nighttime routine, I nurse DD then head upstairs to get her ready for bed. I will be weaning her in a couple of weeks. Should I give her a bottle of nextstep? Formula? Milk? Juice? Or not worry at all? She doesn't drink out of a sippy cup yet, as she just learned to holdthe bottle herself in the last week. So should I just let her drink from the bottle herself before bed? I have NO idea what to do!

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Default Re: Bedtime drink once weaned?

    I weaned from the before bed nursing right after lo turned 1. (we still do mornings and sometimes dinner) I offer him a drink of cows milk right before we read stories, or while we are reading stories. His big brother usually has a small healthy snack too, so it sort of goes with our family routine. That said- some nights we forget or our routine is messed up and he doesn't have anything right before bed and it doesn't change anything as far as I can tell- he sleeps just as long and falls asleep just fine.

    Personally, I think the next step stuff is not the way to go. Our ped. says it is just a way for formula companies to make a little more money, and there is no reason a child over 1 needs "formula." Even if I didn't agree with the dr., I didn't want to give it to my son because of the ingredients. I may be weird, but I try to not eat anything with corn syrup in it- and formula has corn syrup in it.

    We use the organic milk, or milk from cows that weren't given hormones. If anything, it makes me feel better.

    I doubt there is any right answer- just what feels right for your family!

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    Default Re: Bedtime drink once weaned?

    drink of water might be the way to go,
    then you don't have to worry about brushing her teeth.

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    Default Re: Bedtime drink once weaned?

    We always offered a little bit of water. Not a lot, don't want them flooding themselves out of bed, but a little something right before they go to bed can be calming. I still get a drink right before bed, too, so it makes sense that they might want something small.

    Several of my baby books have said not to offer juice or formula or milk right before bed, because the sugars can do bad things to the teeth if baby drinks in a laying down position. The fluids can pool behind the teeth, leading to an increased risk of cavities.

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    Default Re: Bedtime drink once weaned?

    We give him some milk with dinner and that is it. If he wanted something else before bed I would give him water.

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