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    I have been bf-ing my son since birth and he has always had very runny poop rangeing from orange to green. It sometimes looks likes a lake when I open his diaper, and its always an explosion of poop! He is 4 months old and still goes 3-5 times a day, the doc says its alot but no to worry. It also smells horrible and I thought babies that are bf are supposed to have odorless poop. What is normal poop for this age?

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    BF babies do not have odorless poop.... I used to think it smelled like vinegar or mustard or something. Definitely not odorless. Definitely not as stinky as formula poop, but not odorless either.

    As far as the consistency, sounds fine to me. My DS had one of his explosive poos right in the middle of my grandmother's funeral. I had quite a few heads turn from that one. He was about 5 months old then.

    Sounds normal to me, mama!

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    I used to think DS's diapers smelled like icing sugar

    I pulled this link from my favorites - all about poop colours, good to keep for a reference:



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    I have been BF since birth. He's had baby food for 3 days now & last night he had his 1st hard poopie. It scared me to death. He strained so hard that cereal that he had just ate came out of his nose. His has always been nothing but water & I suppose that's b/c all he ate was breastmilk, nothing solid. I have the opposite problem. Noah only goes about every 3 days on average. His doctor said that was normal & not to worry. He said that babies could go several times a day to only several times a week. Sometimes I have to give him a suppository so I think I would rather have more poop than less.
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    I gave birth to the master pooper -- he pooped 6-10 times per day for 5 months, then 5-8 times until 8 months, and now 2-3 times per day. Always very explosive (which he now smiles at) and often extending past the perimeter of even the most snug and well fit diaper. It's time consuming, but we are a family that finds it mostly pretty funny -- and....it is perfectly normal.

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